LHAC Inc. is a not for profit health promotion charity ALL DONATIONS OVER $2.00 ARE TAX DEDUCTIBLE!

We work with people living with mental illness whether it be the person, their carer, family, friends or school mates, lhac support groups are run by people with a lived experience, where we offer a confidential, non-judgemental environment.

Please note we are not doctors our experience comes from life, going through years of not being diagnosed (slipping through the cracks, so to speak) living the trials and risks of not knowing what was going on, everyone wondering "why" the outrageous behaviour, "why" we didn't get on with family, "why" did we seem different? Going through years of trial and error trying to find the right medications, the emotional turmoil on the whole family! Through to finding the right services and people to help to get onto some sort of road to recovery and talking to people and learning each day what this "dam" illness is all about!

We do not offer medical advice we encourage you to seek the appropriate professional help when required, we can help in linking you into services that may assist and be appropriate for each individual person.

lhac encourages people to seek alternate therapies to be used in conjunction with other treatments, our support groups offer therapies such as :art, music, healing massage, creative writing, pretty much whatever interest people have we will endeavour to provide the support to develop these interests, if we cant offer the support individuals require we will find the appropriate service to link you in with.

Welcome everyone have a look around our site check out our support group page for upcoming events go to the membership area and download a free membership form or volunteer application, if you would like to support us visit the lhac shop pick up an original design and handmade item by our members, or click on the donate button and help support people living with mental health issues, all monies raised go directly to supporting people affected by mental illness and are tax deductible!

We value your feedback all LHAC groups and activities are driven by "'you" the consumer, want to see a particular group, then let us know! want to see different activities, then let us know, we endeavour to cater to all needs,

DON'T be shy speak up!

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Taryn is down and out one of the nicest people you will ever meet! her compassion and desire to help others is heartworming!

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